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3Pi can also provide you with turnkey projects for fully automated line.

All Purposes Tanks/Skids


  • Row-material storage tanks CSA

  • Blending tanks CPAdairy

  • Mix storage tanks CFP

  • Starter tanks CFU

  • Maturation tanks CMU

  • Pasteurization skids

  • Cheese vats FROMATEC

  • Finished products storage tanks CSU

  • Crystallization tanks CMC

  • Turn-key Dairy units

  • Sterile tanks CTS

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 Food & Beverage


  • Traditional mixing & cooking tanks CCV

  • Cooking tanks TurboSphere TS4

  • Turnkey Food & Beverage units

  • Row-material storage tanks CSA

  • Finished products storage tanks CSU


 Wines & Spirits

  • ATEX tanks Sécurinox™

  • Compartmented tanks Multinox™

  • Wine-making tanks Tradition™tanksss

  • White wine-making tank Grande Cuvée™

  • High performance wine-making tank VinExpert™

  • Fermenters Symbiose™

  • Mixing tanks Osmose™

  • Melting tanks InoxSirop™

  • Tanks tartaric precipitation Limpidinox™

  • Storage tanks for large volume Grande Réserve™

  • Storage tanks for wine slots Petite Réserve™

  • Wine-Making tank with « pigeage » Piginox