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Innovative conveyor system

Conveying Applications


  • Powder and Fluid Products

  • Vegetables and Fruits

  • Snacking and Prepared Dishes

  • Meat in all forms

  • Cheese in all forms


  • Space  saving
    We offer you the opportunity to incline your products virtually at 90 degrees, even the most delicate, using a special belt designed in a pipe shape, made of 100% urethane.
  • Important reduction in product loss
    The belt is smooth, without cleats, and  allows the use of a belt scraper to keep it clean.
  • Care and respect for your product
    All products, even the most delicate, are handled with care because they are not compacted, the belt is enveloping the product as it climbs (a maximum speed of 18 m3 / h).
  • Easy and fast cleaning
    You can unsettle the Liftvrac very easily- without loss of parts-and clean it very easily. Only a few minutes will be enough to realize the operations.
  • A low energy consumption 
    More effective than the pneumatic systems, Liftvrac consumes not much energy: 0.5 kWh is enough for running it.
  • Environmentally friendly
    In its design, we are committed to a sustainable development approach, using few raw materials in its production. Indeed, the belts are 95% recyclable.
  • Adaptable to any configuration
    Designed as a modular system, the machine is simply to assemble, dismantle, and to adapt with all your production lines.
  • Make the manipulation of your powders and fluid products easy
    More efficient, more thrifty and easier to clean than the pneumatic systems, the system is an interesting alternative for the handling of your powders and fluid products.
  • An alternative for the sector of the food industry
    Manual feedig, European bin, cleated belt elevators, worm screws, vacuum systems and bucket elevators are the methods most usually used to feed weighers for the manufacturing of snacking and prepared dishes.