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3Pi can also provide you with turnkey projects for fully automated line.

Primary Packaging – Flexible


Complete packaging line for your products with any flexible packaging. We can integrate the best technologies available.

Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS)


Types of Packages :

  • Pillow Pouch

  • Slanted Pillow bag

  • Flat gusset bag

  • Block bottom Gusset bag

  • Side Gusset bag



 Horizontal Flow Wrapper


Type of Packages :

  •  Pillow pack

  •  Reclosable packages

  • Sealed Packages

  • Slide-zippered packages


 Stand-up pouch (HFFS)


 Type of Packages :

  •  Stand-up Pouches

  •  Zipper Stand-up Pouches

  • Shaped Corner Valve

  •  Shaped Top Valve

  •  Many Others Packages


Bagging Machines (2 to 20 kilos)


Types of Packages :

  • Paperbags

  • Plasticbags

  • Polypro-bags

  • Paper and plastic bags

  • Buckets

  • Barrels


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