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  • Versatile Thermoforming

  • High-Speed Thermoforming

  • Compact Thermoforming

  • Shrink thermoforming




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 GEA PowerPak NT


  • Long equipment lifetime

  • High machine availability: continuous performance monitoring allows you to use the machine to the best of its potential.

  • Real-time equipment performance analysis at operator level through GEA CostFox software.

  • High cost saving potential depending on application

  • Changing of label rolls without stopping the machine.

GEA PowerPak NT



  • Sanitary design according to ISO 14159, EN 1672, AMI, USDA – 3A

  • Up to 99% technical machine availability

  • Cost savings of up to 100,000 euros per year

  • High reliability with proven platform technology

  • Available with film widths of 320, 360, 420, 430, 460, 520 and 560 mm

  • Draw depths up to 130 mm

  • Index lengths up to 650 mm

  • Capacity up to 150 packs/min.


GEA PowerPak Speed


  • Increased performance achieved on a standard machine frame and standard die dimensions

  • Up to 50% higher output

  • Fewer package rejects

  • Optimized for sliced/shingled products

  • High speed multi-indexing converging system, with a built-in “bad packs” reject section

  • Bottom web label application with “no-downtime” concept


GEA PowerPak ST


  • Outstanding versatility: a wide range of packaging types and forms

  • State-of-the-art controls: innovative operating software

  • Uncompromisingly compact: the machine combines exceptional space-efficiency with premium quality

  • Consistently precise: flexible longitudinal and cross-cutting systems

  • Optimized technology: reduced evacuation volumes and times

  • Hygienic design: lubricant-free lifting and cutting sytems, sloped surfaces, open chain guides

  • A helpful overview: GEA CostFox can be used to gather and save all production data


 GEA ShrinPak


  • Cost savings up to 30%

  • Low complexity of the machine

  • Flexible film from 45 to 360 µm

  • Shrinkage up to 40%

  • Wrinkle free product presentation

  • GEA performance guarantee



 Example of thermoformed packaged products :